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Bakker Elkhuizen S-board 840 Numeric Keypad


Estimated delivery by: 25/04/2024

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Ergostars Saturnus Numberpad

Ergostars Saturnus Numberpad offers the flexibility of using the Keypad with a compact keyboard, on the Left-Hand Side or Right Hand Side or with a Notebook or Laptop.  This arrangement will enable the keystrokes between the Keyboard and Keypad to be shared more evenly to reduce muscle strain and improve productivity.  Being just 95W x 170Dmm approx the unit features 2 USB Ports plus USB Connectivity and is finished in Satin Platinum with Non-slip feet.

  • Ergostars Saturnus Numberpad (or Numeric Keypad) for flexible working on Left or Right Hand Side with Keyboard, Notebook or Laptop.
  • Help minimise muscular strain and can help share keystroke between Left Hand and Right Hand.
  • Can improve productivity for numerical data entry and accuracy.
  • Compact Size 95W x 170Dmm approx.
  • Features 2 USB Ports for other devices plus USB Connectivity.
  • Satin Platinum and Grey with non-slip feet to match Ergostars Saturnus Compact Keyboard.


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