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Monster Keyboard – Upper Case White Keys


Estimated delivery by: 25/07/2024

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Monster Keyboard – Upper Case White Keys

White keys large black font is great for people with impaired sight or for people who just prefer larger keys.

Keyboards with LARGE keys have a distinct advantage.
The downside of these keyboards has often been the cost, which can exclude them from their intended market. The ‘Key- Monster’ keyboard solves this problem by bringing costs down whilst offering a range of options.

White keys and enlarged black font
2 port USB Hub (Un-Powered) (Maximum of 100 mA per port). F1 ~ F12 Function Keys
Caps Lock LED
Same size as a conventional keyboard
Dimensions: L482 x W180 x H40mm
1 Year Warranty

Size: 48.2 × 18 × 4 cm

Keys: White Keys with enlarged black font

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Weight 1.1 kg