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LEITZ Trusens Air Purifier Z-1000 UK


Improve the air quality in your personal space. This small yet powerful air purifier combats pollutants so you can breathe easier.

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Improve the air quality in your personal space. The Leitz TruSens Z1000 is designed for small rooms up to 23m² and comes with two airflow streams. Featuring 360 degree filtration, the air purifier collects pollutants and neutralises odours by automatically adapting to changing air quality conditions in a room. The UV-C lamp kills bacteria and microbes, that are trapped in the filter. The sleek design and compact style are ideal for any small space.

  • PureDirect technology distributes air more comfortably and effectively
  • This proprietary technology uses two airflow streams, distributing air further and more evenly throughout your room
  • The 360 degree particulate air filter captures pollutants and a carbon pre-filter removes VOC gases/odours from all directions
  • UV-C lamp kills germs and bacteria that can get trapped in the filter
  • Ideal for rooms up to 23 m² with Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) values of 164m3/h (Pollen), 143m3/h (Dust) and 95m3/h (Smoke)
  • Simple touch-button control of fan speed, UV mode, and filter replacement indicators
  • Contemporary design that complements any home environment. Portability is easy with the sleek, integrated handle