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Kensington Rocking Footrest

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With its comfortable, stable support, 136kg (300lbs) weight limit and 360° swivelling bar the Rocking Foot Rest delivers ergonomics and promotes movement & stretching while sitting or standing.

  • A strong, non-slip extruded rotating aluminium bar helps to improve circulation and relieve pressure for better health and all-day comfort
  • Promotes movement and stretching which helps improve circulation and relieve pressure for all-day comfort
  • Contributes to Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) movements
  • helping to increase metabolic rate and keep us healthy
  • Sleek, versatile design
  • Discreet, low-profile fit any office environment. Ideal for sitting or standing
  • The 360° swivelling bar has been designed to promote leg and foot movement & stretching throughout the day
  • The sturdy, stable base and non-slip bar that is made of extruded aluminium, is rated to support up to 136kg (300lbs)